The OPD/Alarmstufe Gerd - Split 7"

"The Omnipresent Disease and Alarmstufe Gerd recorded some biting hardcore-punk tunes to release this split-7" and wreck your stereo. The OPD hits your auditory canal at full throttle, a blast of confetti hardcore and heavy thrash-attacks with great lyrics against christ-democrats and life in general. Alarmstufe Gerd with two guys of the Undressed Army comes along with some tough hardcore-tunes, really short songs, but damn intense. 8 songs of Alarmstufe Gerd und 4 songs of The OPD. Beware, the ruhrpott-core is taking over!!!"

Alarmstufe Gerd:
01 Go away motherfucker
02 Malt alles voll
03 Bullen sind Cool
04 Work Eat Fuck Sleep
05 Drei Zwei Eins Deins
06 Machine people philosophy
07 Fleischwurst Kindergeburtstagsparty
08 The Unseen Homocaust

The Omnipresent Disease:
09 Live My Life
10 Muttertag
11 CDU Sick Of You
12 Home Is Where Your Head Aches

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