Systematic Backlash - Promotional Raw Mix

"From the broke down riverbanks of Bremen and the dusty cityscape of Copenhagen, a collaboration of accrue beats, bashed strings and wooden basses convoy a cacophony of curse and spit contemporary cardboard box poetry vocals. Angst ridden underground anti-standard- hiphop without the usual self promotional battle-rap nonsense. It’s a tin cup full of hope and a basket of lacerated dreams. It’s grinding of teeth, hammers and nails. It’s a worthwhile attempt of recreating a culture disintegrated beyond salvation. Build ups and led downs, prophetic shout outs, personal anguish and political rambles, sure to show you something not forgotten too easily. Bring ‘em on and remember your elbow pads, hardhats and flashlight batteries"

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[Bitrate: 128 KBit/s]
[Größe: 25 MB]
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