Rusticate - Crimson Letters

RUSTICATE - a mixture between postcore hartness, smart indie structures and dodgy dc parts. You're looking for a great and honesty live band? You should try this one.
The gainesville accord can't be denied - especially for the live performances of the band - but the guys are on their own way. Music could be compared but namedropping would be a step back.

After 3 releases, 180 shows in germany, czech republic, slowenia, the netherlands, austria and switzerland and some compilations RUSTICATE are still a fixed part of the german independent szene.
Their actual release CRIMSON LETTERS (AN EDUCATION THING) is also released in the US via shrodinger records.

01 How To Make People Listen
02 Crimson Letters
03 Better Give Me
04 Emergency Exit Friendly Society
05 Reason To Help You
06 The Education Thing
07 Consider All The Demons Of Your Past
08 One Personal Confession
09 One Personal Confession (reprise)
10 Intoxicated
11 Imparcial Song

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