LMNZ - Worldwide Rap (2010)

LMNZ had the vision to produce a Hip-Hop album that brings the world closer, a multilingual Hip-Hop album without a limit to musical influence. Musicians with different styles from diverse backgrounds fused together.

The influences range from jazz, soul, blues and salsa to Arabic and Chinese music and the texts do not follow the cliché image of hip hop displayed in today’s media. The album tells of war, societal ills and problems, but also of love, funny daily situations and inspiration. 76 artists from all over the world, who sing and rap in 29 different languages to realize the vision of a worldwide album.

If you want to get one of the limited CDs mail LMNZ at fans@worldwide-rap.com :) 10€ + shipping. fair trade!

01 Worldwide Rap Intro (feat. Yarah Bravo)
02 har rooz (Every Day) (feat. Symmetry (E), Daad (Persian), Urthboy of The Herd(E))
03 Worldwide (I refuse) (feat. Sean Rhee (Korean), MSD (German), Røren Liljeroth (Norwegian, E), Sax (Czech))
04 Language (feat. Noah 23 (E), Kontra & Shtuka (Bosnian), Sister Fa (Diola), Ange da Costa (Lingala))
05 Star of the Story (feat. Savant of RAREBREED (E), Lanet (Turkish), louis logic (E), Miss Flint (E))
06 Sig. Rossi e Mister Spaghetti (feat. Gabbbro & Piotr (Italian))
07 My Last Resort - (feat. Sri Ram (Sanskrit), Johnny Ge (Singhalese), Terror MC (Afrikaans), Sylvester (Lugaflow))
08 So Much Hate (feat. Pikasso (Bulgarian), Ezekiel38 (E), Randy Ponzio (E), LMNZ (German))
09 Greener Grass (feat. Rabbi Darkside (E), Mauikai (Spanish), Cory Braun (Spanish))
10 Time and Money (feat. Adam Opinio (Swedish), Lady Daisey (E), Diamondog (Portuguese), LMNZ (German))
11 Beauty in the Now - (feat. iCON the Mic King (E), Joselph (E), Razia (Hebrew))
12 Inspiration - (feat. LMNZ, Finest, Chefket, MSD(all German), Akanni (E), Mingus (E), Uno (E))
13 I like livin' here
14 Rap is our Road - (feat. Eyeris (E), LMNZ (German), Kashmere Iguana (E), Karim Sfaxi (Arabic))
15 Long Days (feat. QWAZAAR (E), Mingus (E), Flexxus Beatslager (Dutch) , EMPNE (Greek))
16 Gasmask (feat. Mike Eagle (E), Tech (Russian), Zela Suka (Albanian) LMNZ (German))
17 Letter to Somebody (feat. Takuma of E-Trader (Japanese))
18 What's Important (feat. LMNZ (German), Blake Worrell (E), Zhi MC (Patois), Fanny (German, French))
19 Noone (feat. iCON the Mic King (E), Afro (French), The Narcicyst (Arabic, E), Natty Jean (Wolof)

[Rap/Hip Hop]
[Bitrate: 320 KBit/s]
[Größe: 214 MB]
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