Nihil Baxter - 7"

"So this is the first E.P. of Nihil Baxter. It was released in August 2009 by Spastic Fantastic Records and Crapoulet Records. 10 angry and fast songs about the Dalai Lama, drunk driving right wing politicians, internet rumours, unfunny asshole comedians, skateboarding, machoism, nationalism and making fun of scenestars!
The sound of this piece of wax is a little more rough than the demotape was, but it fits well."

01 Nuke Tibet
02 No Tears
03 The Clan Pt. 4
04 Deutschland Du Opfer
05 Not Funny
06 Rule The Pool
07 The Kids Are Not Alright
08 Eure Fressen
09 Don Quixote
10 Hard Times

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