Napoleon Dynamite - Crashtest Dummys

"Napoleon Dynamite from the dusty earthcore are back with 11 crazy thrashpunk smashers! A dirty mixture between DEAN DIRG, ANGRY SAMOANS and SURF NAZIS MUST DIE! Punk kisses Hardcore kisses the pure detonation! Fast and nasty, obnoxious stuff, tons of high-speed thrash on this one, though tempered with some slightly goofy moments that make this one stick out from the generic thrash pack!"


01 In die Club
02 Weg damit
03 Officer Täubchen
04 Sag nein
05 Crashtest Dummys
06 Alex Windeln
07 Blitzlichtgewitter
08 Bravoantifas
09 Punk ist Brot
10 Aus dem Weg
11 Alles hat ein Zweck

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